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Bruce has guided me through the process of discovering the techniques I need so that others may feel the power and magic of my stories--while also allowing those stories to be truly mine.

--Scott Adams, martial artist, adventurer, consultant 

When I entered college, I had always been told I had a gift for writing.  But Bruce helped me hone and refine that gift to the point that I have been able to make a living as a writer in Hollywood for the last thirteen years.  I owe my career to Bruce and continue to learn from him to this day.

--Michael Ajakwe, Jr., Emmy-Award winning tv producer, award-winning playwright, screenwriter

Because of Bruce's genius at mentoring writers of all skills levels, I've been inspired, motivated, and encouraged to keep writing, to keep improving, and to keep dreaming.  Bruce has the ability to pierce right to the heart of what works or doesn't work about a piece; and his sensitivity, experience and comprehensive understanding of the publishing world make him a treasure for any aspiring writer. 

--Doris Anita Anderson, author of Tackling Tough Choices:  Discussion Starting Skits for Teenagers

Many years ago Bruce McAllister helped and encouraged me with my first literary and journalistic efforts.  Now, six books and hundreds of magazine articles later, I know I can still call Bruce for writing advice.  Whatever my problems are, he's a master at providing practical, insightful analysis and clear-eyed solutions.

--Ron Arias, author of White's Rules, Moving Target , Five Against the Sea and The Road to Tamazunchale

Bruce was my coach, mentor and guide in the successful quest for publication of my first book and has since matched me with the right national publicist during that book's second phase of marketing.  He plays many roles for clients, all of them served by his vast knowledge of the complicated world of the book business.   

 --Betty Auchard, author of Dancing in My Nightgown

Bruce is an excellent, not to mention brilliant, writing coach.  I was a member of his writer's group for non-fiction writers for two years and with his insightful help and encouragement produced a 60,000 word manuscript!  Bruce possesses a remarkable gift for teaching and a contagious enthusiasm for the craft.

--Linda J. Berard, graduate theology student

Bruce McAllister is both a talented creative writer and a perceptive mentor who has a gift for extracting creativity from writers.

--Roger Burgraff, Ph.D., author of Deadly Promise

Bruce's teaching transcends the system.  His inspiration elevates everyone around him.  If you're dabbling in screenwriting, curious about movie structure and mythology, or even ready to tackle the industry, his wisdom is an invaluable toolbox.

--Ronnie Christensen, film and TV writer--Passengers, High Stakes, others

When I first began working with Bruce, I had nothing but a rough manuscript and a great idea.  Bruce immediately understood my vision and worked closely to shape and mold it in the direction it needed to go to get published.  He was very knowledgeable of and supportive during the entire process, all while being straight forward and honest about what I needed to know.  I feared that, even with his help, it would be quite a long time until my manuscript attracted a publisher.  Under Bruce's expert guidance, I found my publisher in under 100 days.  I could not have done it without him.  I look forward to working with him on my next project.

--M. Guyle Crispin, author of Holocaust: A Q&A Guide to Help Young Adults Really Understand the Holocaust

Bruce is a rare find-a truly knowledgeable teacher of the craft and a first-rate writer himself whose keen perception and guidance of the work in progress always raises it to the next level.  My luck was to find a writing coach who so selflessly gives his time and energy to his writers, allowing everyone to feel they can achieve their personal best.

--Lesley Downie, YA writer

Bruce simply knows everything about the craft of writing and what it takes to sell a book, and has an intuitive way of coaching writers to find the true potential in their manuscripts.

--Alethea Eason, author of Hungry and short stories in anthologies and magazines

Bruce McAllister is a writer.  That's important - because he knows about stories that float like wayward strands of DNA waiting to be whole, knows about writing and rewriting, and knows the business of submitting and waiting.  He writes, he publishes, and most fortunately for people like me, he coaches.  Bruce can read what I have written, see the whole of it, and help me then make the story be what it truly needs to be.  He encourages, but doesn't patronize.  He is that true coach who is with me during the exciting and painful process of revision, and who celebrates with me when the story is done.  He is as happy for me when an acceptance finally comes as he is when his own stories are published.  Don't tell him I said this, but he is worth twice as much as I pay him; I truly wouldn't want to be on this journey without him.

--Laura Evans, writer, "curriculum support teacher” 

I spent over a year working with another writing consultant trying to get published--with zero results.  I was ready to give up on my project when I met Bruce.  He helped me get my manuscript ready for a publisher and then connected me with one.  I couldn't ask for anything more.

--Rocky Fino, author of Will Cook for Sex and Will Mix for Sex

When a major New York agent returned the manuscript for my book, Dear Kilroy, saying that he'd tried his best to place it with the editors he knew, but to no avail, I approached Bruce.  As we reshaped the book and got query letters ready to send out, Bruce was my editor, mentor and coach, but also my friend who encouraged me to hold on to my dream.  In the end, with his help, I received three publishing offers, and the book is now in its second printing.

--Nora Vitz Harrison, author of Dear Kilroy:  A Dog to Guide Us --  www.dearkilroy.com

Bruce has exactly the knowledge and expertise you'd expect in a professional writing coach, but what makes him better than others is his intuition. He has the uncanny ability to look at a piece of my writing with more insight into what it's really about than I have as the author.  The result, of course, is that, though I've been writing professionally for thirty years, under his guidance I am becoming a better writer.

--Paul Hellweg, author of The American Heritage Student Thesaurus, American Heritage Children's Thesaurus, The Insomniac's Dictionary, and short stories in national magazines

Bruce not only understands writing, he understands the psyche of the writer.  After just an hour with Bruce, I realized why I have to write, and what.

--Debra-Lynn Hook, McClatchy-Tribune columnist and author of Bringing Up Mommy



Thank goodness for good writing coaches!  I've been with Bruce now for over a year and he has taken my writing to new heights, places I didn't think I'd ever reach.  All the advice I got from previous writing groups and aspiring writers failed to do what Bruce has done.

--John Irvin, teacher, author of the website John's Life in Thailand

Although daily journalism was my paycheck, I dreamed of writing fiction.  That dream would not have become reality without Bruce's help.  With his encouragement, I am able to stop agonizing and have fun writing rough drafts. When I'm ready for the next step, I use Bruce's craft tips to polish my drafts into stories worth sharing.

 --Donna Kennedy, PhD, Mythological Studies

Bruce McAllister has been my writing coach and mentor-not to mention friend--for the past eight years.  During this time he helped me to get a non-fiction book proposal I'd been working on in stellar shape to present to publishers and also to get started on a high-concept mystery novel that is close to my heart.   He's proofread, edited, and critiqued my work, pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses in my writing, and has encouraged me to follow my dream of becoming a writer.  Because of him, I'm in the process of completing the final draft of that mystery novel.

 --Lori Levan, writer

If you wish to get published, really desire it, and are willing to do the hard work this entails, Bruce will help you realize your goals.  He did so for me.

--Jack Lopez, author of In the Break and Snapping Lines

Bruce doesn't just teach you how to write; he helps you discover why you write.  I'm a better storyteller, a better editor and a better writer because of his help.  I've got the tools I need to succeed and a deeper understanding of the reasons for writing in the first place.  It's the best help I've ever received.

--Brad Munson, screenwriter, novelist, columnist, author of Inside Men in Black II, The Mad Throne and Rain, Pasadena, CA

Bruce is a master at gently, yet very honestly, shepherding his writers' projects through to completion while helping those writers be the best they can possibly be.

--Gianni-Amber North, filmmaker, Affected:  The Aids Project

Trust Bruce's genius as a writing consultant!  He has been my book and screenplay coach and consultant for three years now and has helped me with my scripts, synopses, query letters and books (and even helped me avoid legal pitfalls with a script option). 

--Laura Pasten, D.V.M., author of The Tarantula Whisperer and Sneakers

Bruce has been a mainstay for me while I was writing my memoir, Dancing Mama.  His honest critiques, suggestions for improvement and positive reinforcement truly kept me going.

--Julianna Richmond, author of Dancing Mama

If it were not for Bruce's highly informative workshops and his invaluable one-on-one coaching, I wouldn't be published today.  He's the best!   

--Carol L. Sayles, author Turn the Turtle Rightside

Bruce has been my coach, teacher and mentor for over four years, and I value his sage advice and keen eye more than any other writing professional's.  His guidance accomplishes the impossible-with a balance of simultaneous “cut to the chase” feedback and positive encouragement that keeps me believing in myself as a writer.

--Linda E. Savage, Ph.D., author of Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality: The Power of the Feminine Way

Bruce McAllister is that rare individual when it comes to helping writers realize their personal vision. Bruce's natural powers of empathy allow him to enter into another writer's work and bring a fresh perspective and approach. Rather than push his own ideas, he helps a writer see more clearly their own ideas. And his experience in the publishing industry helps a writer navigate all the minefields one encounters along the way. Working with Bruce is very much a journey of the spirit - he helps one grow both as a writer and, more importantly, as a person.

--Richard Snodgrass, author of There's Something in the Back Yard

Bruce McAllister has been marvelous for my writing in every way.  He is simultaneously coach, editor, agent, and cheerleading squad. My two years working with him took my work through several quantum leaps and got me into more than one great MFA program in poetry.  I most appreciate his rigor and intuition, his quick wit and remarkable eye and ear.

--Theresa Smith, student, MFA program in creative writing, Purdue University

In Bruce over the past year I have found the coach, mentor and ally to help me refine my writing, prepare my manuscript for publication, and both generate and polish a synopsis, author's bio and other material for my web site and other promotional efforts.  He has given me personal, ongoing support with quick responses, great flexibility and honest, up-front communication about costs.   Never once were my needs put on hold.  Bruce provides a comprehensive service that helps me stay focused and on track toward what I wish to achieve.   

 --C. R. Swainward, author of Zyzzack Breakthrough - The Beginning

A mentor, by definition, guides, reveals and develops.  This has certainly been my experience.  I have learned that birthing a novel is a spiritual, emotional, and physical undertaking.  Bruce has taken me to a new level of maturity and helped me polish skills I didn't know I had.

--John Vanden Heuvel, real estate agent

 Through his coaching and counseling sessions and workshops, Bruce gives new and established writers incentive and provides creative ideas that make their work both motivated and marketable.

--Herb Williams, newspaper columnist and author of Writing Across the Curriculum and Anywhere Else